Xibany® bringing color to you and to them!

About Us

Xibany is a social project with a mission to benefit three of the most vulnerable social sectors in Honduras.

The indigenous communities, those who strive through small and medium businesses of handmade goods and those children who are attending school, without the dignity of proper footwear.

Through our “one for one” program and by any purchase of our unique shoe models, TOGETHER we will donate a second pair of shoes and give a better running chance to those most in need.


Within its infinite nature, we encounter the possibilities of absolute expression that can bring meaning and joy to all things in existence. Such is the unique heritage of the indigenous community of the southwestern region of Honduras, THE LENCA.


For centuries the Lenca people have gradually changed their cultural relationship with the land. Weaving its history with colorful patterns that depict their ongoing hope to survive and remain relevant in the modern world. Therefore, XIBANY is born.

So, if sharing your taste for color makes you happy, get your own Xibany now for every member of your family to match and spread a little more color to your life and the ones you will be helping trough Xibany.

Xibany bringing color to you and to them!

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